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Solid Relationships
The Key to a Successful Career
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In today’s economy – with changing career paths – the average manager will have more than five jobs before retirement. This figure alone makes a case for building solid relationships. Another interesting fact is that professionals are becoming more loyal to their profession than to the companies they serve.
Reflection   Read It
As one year ends and a new one begins it is only natural to want to reflect on what we have accomplished. Unfortunately, busy professionals today don’t afford themselves the time to reflect. Many look at the past year as if it were months ago and not just a few weeks.
The Accepting Manager   Read It
Managers and organizations alike know that finding the right talent is becoming more of a challenge each day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by 2006, two workers will exit the workforce for every one entering.
Resonant Leadership   Read It
Resonant Leaders engage us.  They evoke strong emotions and inspire us through their positive thoughts and clear vision.  Leaders develop their resonance through compassion, hope, mindfulness and they maintain their resonance through the process of renewal. Leaders of all kinds possess these abilities.
Burnout - Beating Work Stress   Read It

As a coach, I come across many different situations on the job. One of them is dealing with burnout. While reading the November 2006 issue of Yoga Journal, I came across an excellent article titled, “Banishing Burnout”. This article - plus other data I have collected - contributed to this article. Enjoy!

Sell Yourself   Read It
We rarely think of ourselves as sales people, especially when we hold positions in management, accounting, finance, operations or marketing. However the reality is that most of our professional life is spent selling.

Don’t you hate it when… “They Just Don’t Get It”!

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Managers of all levels can relate to the frustration of trying to get a team on the same page or working towards a common goal. With this reality in mind, we quickly understand that those soft skills really are the hard ones to master. They Just Don’t Get It is a great way to take a fresh look at the resistance within us and our organizations and begin turning it into understanding.
Too Much Work Not Enough People   Read It
Have you ever asked yourself "If only I had a second pair of hands, I could...?" In today's work environment, managers are asked to take on more responsibility with less support. Managing this responsibility can be stressful. Successful managers, however, are able to set expectations and manage boundaries to not just keep their own stress levels in check but, more importantly, to satisfy both their boss’s and organizations’ needs.
Stay Present   Read It
As a coach I see many themes that run between clients. One of these themes is the art of staying in the present moment. For some this idea sounds like a walk down meditation lane and in many ways it is. Don’t get nervous, it is an idea that, with a little work, can have a tremendous impact on your professional life and improve the quality of your personal life.
Transitions   Read It
The following is a true story of a Weatherhead alumnus, Jessica Worny Janicki, and her story of transition and change. It is just another example of how passion transfers into opportunity. Jessica’s story is a classic example of networking, but more importantly, it’s an example of being passionate about what you do with your career.
Lessons Learned   Read It
In his book entitled “Leadership” Rudy Giuliani outlines eight principles that make up a great leader. In today’s environment, with so much talk about leadership in the news and business boardrooms, it was interesting to hear first hand what this leader had to say about the topic.
Empathy   Read It

Forward Thinkers constantly collaborate with others and strive to identify with and understand another person’s situation, feelings, and motives.

Responsibility   Read It
Responsibility is defined as being able to make moral or rational decisions about one's own behavior and therefore be answerable to that behavior. Do we ever stop to think about the decisions that we make everyday?
Acceptance   Read It
We achieve acceptance of or in a situation when a need or requirement is adequately satisfied. To achieve acceptance, Forward Thinkers must do three things; live in the present, recognize talent and achieve tolerance.
Forward Thinking - Compassion   Read It

Forward Thinkers are compassionate leaders. They know that compassion is the human quality allowing them to understand what another person wants and to do something about it.

Are You A Forward Thinker?   Read It
Forward thinkers are collaborative leaders in business, not-for-profit, government, and the education sectors. They realize the benefits of working together. They are visionaries and have an art for implementing results. Their success comes from realizing small changes in compassion, acceptability, responsibility, and empathy can have immediate impact not only on their company's bottom line but, more importantly, on the people that make up their systems.
Cool Cleveland   Read It
As a Moderator for the PBS special, Deliberation Day, Eric Lutzo was asked by Ed Morrision from The Center for Regional Economic Issues [REI] at Weatherhead to write on his experience in Case’s Deliberation Day 2004 conversation. This article below was broadcast on 10/16 on WCLV FM. Take part in REI at Case for their next Making Change series on Mon 11/15 held at the Ritz Carlton at 7:30AM.
Implementation – a key to success      

Goals, strategies and plans we all have them but how often do we actually implement them? Quite often as we go through life we create a plan for our careers, homes or personal lives. It is easy to spend time in the design phase. After all, we are programmed from as early as grade school to create a road map for our future. At some point in our lives we all have been asked… What do you want to do when you grow up?

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Networking....The Web to Your Future        
Everyone says that networking is the way to find a new job, advance in your existing job, or land that dream job. Statistics show that the most desirable jobs never make it to the printing press or to the job board.
In a job market where that next job seems to be based more and more on relationships, rather than just skill level, networking is the critical to your successful job search. So how do you know when you are networking correctly?
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Slowing Down – just may make you more efficient        
Do you ever ask yourself the question “Where does all my time go?” Managers on the fast track are constantly asked to add more tasks to their professional and personal schedules. Quite often, it is felt that these tasks are all manageable but, more often than not, seem to get out of hand.
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Small Changes have Great Impact  
Do you ever wonder why so many people talk about making changes in their lives but never really implement them? Could it be that making change is uncomfortable? Costly? A HUGE undertaking? Energy draining? Read It  
Change Matters  
Over the past few years we have all heard the buzz words around change and how it has or has not impacted our organizations.  To many, a change process is seen as an uncomfortable or down right painful experience especially if it has not been introduced by ourselves but then again when is change ever introduced by us? Read It  
May 15 Weatherhead Coaches Corner  

As our students are getting ready for graduation I had the opportunity to spend some time with Ashwin Kalsekar ’04. Ashwin is headed to NYC and will be working for UBS, a global investment banking firm. Was landing this job luck or strategy? Did he do it alone or was it a community effort? Let’s find out.

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Team Building - How to Build a Bond  
As I constantly strive to help my clients improve their organizational systems. I find myself in a constant inquiry, a student of organizations, systems and the people that make up those systems. To support these systems, these people, I seek fresh perspectives on the processes that exist which heighten awareness and make these organizations achieve excellence. Read It  
Beans by Leslie Yerkes  
The quality of our work experience is a direct result of what goes into making that experience, of what each of us puts into it. Every day, each one of us chooses what those ingredients will be, what proportion of each we will use, and how good a final product we will brew. These elements are specific, certain, and universal. They are what I refer to as the Four P's: Passion, People, Personal, and Product. Read It  
From Passion To Action  

Lets face it, our lives are becoming more and more complex by the day. Do you ever find yourself asking question like … “What do I want out of my professional life?” “Am I getting my message across?” or “What is my passion?” These and many other questions like them drive us for answers to get ourselves balanced both in our personal and professional life.

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Change Can Happen  
Change can happen when every voice is heard. What happens when you bring together over 4000 people to discuss possible developmental choices for the World Trade Center site? Magic!! Click to read to full article. Read It  
How They Did It  
Turn a passion into a viable business that includes learning centers, in-home services, and a web site.
Click to read to full article.
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