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Forward thought core principle of developing the "becoming" leader starts in the community. Forward Thought has applied the principles of awareness building and team interaction to primary educational levels as low as 4th grade. It is a commitment by Forward Thought to always maintain a presence in the primary and secondary educational environments. Maintaining this presence allows Forward Thought to share with our youth their true potential. To assist communities in developing sustainable leaders Forward Thought offers two courses specifically designed for the primary and secondary educational environments.

The first is an Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Course. This course is usually designed for High School Students 9-12 and provides a depth of knowledge around their own desire entrepreneurship. It also provides models for successful business planning. The second product is a career awareness program that starts by engaging the student in understanding more of their own passions and desires. It then identifies the learning styles of the student and identifies gaps between the present self and the person they hope to become. This course is completed with a Career in Life plan that is continually updated as the child moves through various stages of their career and life. Mentoring and Coaching is provided to as many students who would like that service.
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