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Forward Thought has formed a unique partnership with an experiential learning company called Executive Edge. Experiential Learning allows the client system to explore their ways of operation,behavior and success in a safe structured learning environment. As the Executive Edge exclusive coaching arm, Forward Thought helps maximize the learning edge achieved through transition coaching with every program.

Executive Edge, Inc. is a consulting firm that designs experiences to promote teamwork and success in organizations. We have 12 years of experience delivering customized experiential and adventure-based training programs. We consistently author new and exciting program designs that raise the bar on corporate experiential learning.

Executive Edge programs are a powerful cocktail of:
  • An upfront Needs Assessment
  • Our exclusive Self-Facilitated Team Learning™ Process
  • Learning journals that integrate your organization's current business models and methodologies
  • Psychometric profiling to gain insights into individual styles, preferences, trust and competencies
  • Facilitated debriefs, including review and feedback, that transfer to workplace realities
  • Opportunities for relationship building and self -reflection in a new context
  • Challenging experiential activities
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